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• Fetish-friendly • No time limit • Take special requests! • Fast turn-around time (customs submitted within a week or less, if specified; clips can be sent within 24-hours for small fee) Send me an email of your vision/ideas for the custom clip or any scripts and all additional info I need to know. I’m open to pretty much any and all fetishes/kinks (within reason!) & we can discuss this prior to recording. I can accommodate many different tastes and ideas & personally own many toys, props, costumes, accessories, scenes, extras (other models), etc. Any “additional extras” will require extra fees. The final price of custom will depend on the actual content of the clip, for example: will I be nude or clothed, any acts performed, how “personal” will the clip get, etc. There is many things I am open to doing in custom clips, so make sure you send an email of a detailed fantasy or idea and if you would like me to refer to you directly (by saying your name, etc.) or whatever the circumstances are. This is YOUR fantasy! So be as detailed as you can when explaining to me what you want to personally see in your very own custom!
*ADDED EXTRAS require extra fee/tip any special props toys specific outfits/costumes/accessories altering my look/appearance (I.e. hairstyle) • special settings/locations extra models/talent fast turnaround time (24 hours or less) I have many toys, props, outfits, settings,etc. I like to get really creative! Turnaround time for customs typically is about a week, but for a tip can be done & submitted within 24 hours. Please note that any “added extras” will cost more. Added extras are things added to the custom that may cost me out of pocket or may ask for a bit more effort/time/money on my part to get completed. Other examples are: any extra models/talent to participate in the making of the custom, any special geographic places, anything that would cause me to alter my normal appearance for a custom (I.e. hairstyles, etc.) and stuff like that!
• I do offer custom audio clips for sale but prices are negotiable & details can be better discussed via email.
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• 10 photos per photoset (extra requires fee) • Single/individual image available • Take special requests! • Fast turn-around time (customs submitted within a week; can be sent within 24-hours for small fee) Like with any custom content orders, I need the customer to email me details of the specific content they want to see in their custom. I’m very open-minded when it comes to fantasies, fetishes & kinks! I strive to bring YOUR fantasies to life! Photosets, although only contain 10 individual photos, will be worked on extra hard to bring forth value, great quality & plenty hours of effort put in creating the specific “look” for the client.
Custom Orders
I do take custom orders for other items. Whatever comes to mind, share your ideas with me and let’s see what kind of sexy content we can get cooked up for your viewing pleasure! As of currently, I take custom orders for: • personal items (panties, socks, shoes, etc.) • sissy kits (i put together custom “sissy kits”) • prints (personalized cards, posters, etc.)
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Added Extras